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Real Wedding: Dustin & Lucy
Wilderness Meets Heritage at the Pacific North Cannery

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Dustin & Lucy's northern BC wedding is full of so many unique and special details that we weren't sure where to begin... until we read this beautiful passage from Tyler, of Tyler Meers Photography:

"Lucy and Dustin's wedding was a truly beautiful affair that intertwined not only their deep love for one another, but also their connection to culture and place. Bonds of love, light, and life run powerfully though the event of their union, from the century-old fishing cannery with the family connection that was transformed into an unforgettable reception venue, to the locally sourced and handcrafted items that made their day unique.

bride and groom standing on rocks at rivers edge with mountains in the background at sunset

Lucy & Dustin along the banks of the Skeena River in beautiful Northern BC. Captured by Tyler Meers Photography.

Dustin & Lucy met and live in the coastal community of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, and wanted their wedding theme to emulate the mountains, streams, and coastline that they love so much. The vision for their wedding was simple: sea-foam meets mossy forest floor. "We tried to keep it as natural and local as possible," says Lucy. With the breath-taking scenery of Prince Rupert and its surrounding areas, natural and local made for one incredible wedding day location.

Lucy is a member of the Nisga'a nation, an indigenous group from the northwest corner of British Columbia. Lucy's connection to her heritage comes through in many of the wedding details that you will see in this story. Add to that, the couple's love for their community and you have an affair brimming with personal touches and beautiful nods to nature.

You may remember Dustin & Lucy as the winners of our 2014 Best Engagement Photo Contest: Winter! You can see their winning photo (also photographed by Tyler Meers Photography) here.

wedding collage wedding shoes red high heels with lace bride getting ready, bouquet and dress hanging from trees

This wedding offers incredible DIY details everywhere the eye can see! For starters, Lacy hand-appliqued lace to her red high heels, elevating them from fashionable to fabulous ;)

The boutonnieres, crafted of cedar bark roses, hydrangeas, and sprigs of Rosemary, were lovingly made by Lucy's bridesmaid.

bouttonierres with cedar bark wood roses, rosemary and hydrangeas. Seafoam green bridesmaids dresses and seaglass pendants

Lucy handmade tiny cedar-bark rosebud earrings for each of her bridesmaids; their pendants were made from sea glass gathered from the beaches near the cannery and crafted by a Prince Rupert artisan.

westcoast wedding bouquets of hydreangeas, roses, baby's breath, and cedar bark wood roses.

The bouquets included cedar-bark roses hand-woven by Lucy, her sisters, and other women in her family.

The groom & groomsmen wore unique ties that had been silkscreened with a Chinook salmon, gifted to them by local artist Kostan Lagace.

real wedding at the North Pacific Cannery museum northern bc venue bride and groom looking out of window of the First Nations netloft.

Lucy and Dustin look down from the upper floor of the First Nations netloft at the North Pacific Cannery.

From Tyler: "North Pacific Cannery is a National Historic Site and the longest standing cannery on the northwest coast. Situated outside of Port Edward on Cassiar Road, about 25 kilometers from Prince Rupert, the cannery is a collection of wooden, tin-roofed buildings spread along a tidal river bank and connected by a series of boardwalks. To Lucy and Dustin, North Pacific symbolized the heartbeat of coastal life - salmon. Wild salmon are integral to First Nations culture and existence, and many coastal communities would not exist if it were not for this precious food."

reception venue at North Pacific Cannery with white draping and seafoam green and light-blue florals.

The North Pacific Cannery offers a truly amazing wedding venue, with airy high-rafter cielings and picturesque views. Each of the 168 cedar bark roses that were given as wedding favours, were lovingly crafted by Lucy, her sister Nikita, and other members of her family. The roses were made by harvesting strips of red cedar tree bark, drying and cleaning it, then hand-weaving the strips one by one into lovely, unique roses.

From Lucy: "My grandma's moms name was Rose, and I really wanted to incorporate them to honour my Ool'ie."

bride and groom sitting on an ancient tree looking out at the Skeena River and walking at sunset

The couple, as they chase the sun along the banks of the Skeena River.

stylized black and white photo of bride and groom on a rocky beach in the mountains of northern BC.

This duo has style, style, and more style! Dustin sports his custom Kostan Lagace tie and Lucy is radiant in her reception dress.

The Dream Team

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