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Gorgeous by Georgia: How-To Put False Lashes On

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"Are you born with an enviable set of gorgeous lashes?"..

flase / fake eyelashes on bride

Lucky for you if you are, but many of us girls aren't blessed with lashes to die for :-)

What's a girl to do?

If you want gorgeous, thick, long, lashes for your wedding day, applying individual lashes or a discreet lash strip will do the trick. Lash application does come with a degree of difficulty but with practice and patience, it can be done.

Types of False Lashes?

  • Single-Hair Lashes

    Individual single false eye-lashes
  • Individual Clusters

    Individual clusters of fake eyelashes
  • Half-Strip Lashes

    Half-strips of false eye lashes
  • Full-Strip Lashes

    Full-strip fake eye-lashes

Whis is Best?

Single-hair lashes and individual lashes are great for filling in sparse gaps along the lash line or for creating fullness.
Half strip lashes or full lashes add glamour and a lot of vavoom to the lash line.
Choose a style of lash that reflects your mood, whether it's flirty and soft or sexy and daring!

How to apply?

  • For single hair lashes or individual lashes, dip the root of the lash into a bit of lash glue using your finger or tweezer.
  • Position your eyes slightly downward looking into the mirror and apply the lash directly to the sparse area of the lash line.


Be sure your false lashes line up with your natural lash line by placing the root of the false lash into the real lash line and not onto the skin of your lid. Use short, medium and long lengths for a more natural looking lash line.


If you want bigger eyes, put the longest in the centre. For longer, more cat-like eyes, use the longest lashes at your outer corners.

For half strip or full strip lashes be sure to peel any excess glue off of the strip prior to using fresh glue.

  1. Trim the lash to fit the size of your lid if you're using a full strip.
    The start of the false lash should meet up with the first lash of your natural lash line at the inner corner and end at the last lash of the outer corner.
  2. Use the back of your tweezer or a toothpick to apply the glue directly to the strip of the lash. Wait a few seconds for the glue to get tacky before applying the lash.
  3. Tilt your head slightly backwards and position the middle of your false lash to meet the middle of your natural lash.
  4. Push down on the lash, gluing the inner and outer corners down.
  5. Be sure that your lash lines up with your natural lash line.
    If it doesn't, pull down slightly before the glue dries.


Use liquid, cake or gel liner along the lash line to blend the natural and false lash lines together and to add a little drama to the eye. To blend the "fakes" into the real lash line, curl the lashes and add several coats of mascara.

In all cases, if you think you'll cry choose waterproof liner and mascara!

photo : MSN Wedding Style!

Cheers and have an amazing wedding day! ~ Georgia Spyra, the makeup expert.

Georgia Spyra, Makeup Artist Georgia Spyra is an accredited, award-winning makeup artist with over 16 years experience in the beauty industry. She was voted one of Canada's top-20 makeup artists and one of Canada's Top-5 bridal makeup artists; she was featured in Elle Magazine as top Canadian make up and beauty expert. She is a make over artist for Life Network Platform; a make up artist/educator for Canadian Make Up Show and Kryolan Cosmetics; as well as a make up designer for many fashion shows, music videos and Television shows, like CBC News and Relic Hunter.

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