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Wedding Guest Seating 101

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Seating plans for your guests play an important role in having your reception run smoothly right from the beginning. You want your guests to come into the reception and feel comfortable right away by knowing exactly where and with whom they are sitting.

"knowing where to seat each of your guests, however, is an art that very few people are instinctively good at, which begs the question 'to self-seat or not?'"..


Self seating is a good option for informal, small weddings (under 50 guests) but, if you have a large wedding and sit down dinner reception planned, self seating is not a good idea. It adds stress and confusion to your event, plus, it delays the beginning of the reception while everyone is trying to accommodate themselves. You want your guests to start off the reception happy and relaxed, not flustered and frustrated.


If a less rigid seating format suits you better, simply assign each guest a table but don't assign their seats. Let everyone at the table decide where they want to sit in relation to the others at their table.

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The 6 Main Tips of Creating a Seating Plan

  • start with the tables closest to the head table and seat people there that are most important to you and your fianc√©. For example, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and close relatives would be seated here. Then, work your way back from there starting with other relatives, close friends etc.
  • Take into consideration your guests and try not to place elderly guests near the dance floor or near loud speakers.
  • Try to seat guests of like interests or similar age groups together to have everyone feel more comfortable and to create a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Try to have a good mix at each table. The best case scenario is for your guests to know at least of couple of the people they are seated with.
  • Don't have a designated 'singles' table. Seat singles at tables with couples they already know so that they feel more comfortable and less conspicuous.
  • If you are using place cards to designate each person's seat, make sure you seat men and women alternately around a round table. For rectangular tables, seat couples opposite one another and continue to alternate men and women on both sides of the table.


Beautiful and elegant frame for your table & seating chart

Event by Alyyson's Beautiful Weddings, Vancouver

  • Make sure the seating plan is visible at the reception's entrance for all to see.
  • Assign a 'greeter' at the entrance to help guests as they arrive
  • Make sure each table number or table name is clearly marked so that your guests can find their table easily.
  • Do not squeeze too many people at one table. Find out in advance how big your tables will be and ask the venue how many people will comfortably sit at each table.

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