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Summer Wedding Jewelry 101: Pearls and Crystals

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Pearls: perfect bridal jewellery

Pearls from Dolce Amore

Jewelry; wedding jewelry in particular. Does it have any special meaning and, more importantly, does it really matter? Let's look at the two wedding jewelry staples: the pearl and the crystal (all photos from the Dolce Amore web store, since they make is so very easy to find exactly what we need :-).

Both these stones are very popular for wedding jewelry and suit all brides from the traditional, to the classic and even the modern. Their appeal began many moons ago and continues to grow with every new wedding season and with every new batch of brides. But why?


Wedding jewelry: Crystal and Pearl circle earrings

Crystal & Pearl Circle Earrings

Bridal Jewllery: Silver & pearl chandelier earrings

Pearl Chandelier Earrings


Pearls symbolize modesty, purity and a happy union. They are the birthstone for the month of June which coincidentally is one of the most popular months for weddings. The Latin word for pearl actually means "unique". As we know, no two pearls are alike as are no two marriages. (neat!)


Crystal bridal bracelet

Crystal Bracelet

Bridal Jewelry: pave earrings

Pave Earrings

Summer wedding jewelry: light crystal necklace

Perfect for a summer/beach wedding


Crystals transmit light which leads to clarity. Traditionally, they represent elegance and clarity of purpose.


So, it follows that combining these stones in your wedding jewelry will speak volumes about the type of bride you truly are: modest, pure and unique, but also elegant and confident with a clarity of purpose. Excellent!
Like, for example, these:

Twist, pearl and crystal bridal earrings

Pearl & Crystal Twist Earrings

(*) Once again, our thanks to Dolce Amore, for use of their images.

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