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Wedding Flowers 101: Part II - Wedding Flowers by Season

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Because flowers are grown internationally, it's definitely possible to buy nearly any flower that you want at any time of the year. But for the best quality and prices it makes sense to order wedding flowers by season.

As we continue our series on wedding flowers, this week we will talk about selecting your flowers. When choosing your wedding flowers, keep your wedding date in mind. For the biggest, freshest blossoms, pick flowers that are in season. Seasonal flowers are less expensive, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck. And with the rising costs of wedding planning, most brides are trying to save money whenever they can.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Below is our list of the best seasonal Wedding Flowers for you to create beautiful bouquets and decorations for your wedding.

Fusion Flowers

Fusion Bollywood, Alberta

Fox Glove Wedding Flowers

Foxgloves Flowers, Victoria

Spring Wedding Flowers

As expected, spring is the time where you can choose from an amazing assortment of colors in wedding flowers. For the most fragrant and vibrant wedding flowers this Spring we recommend:

Cherry blossom
Syringa (Lilac)
Star Gazer Lily
Sweet pea

Celsia Wedding Flower Bouquet

Celsia, Vancouver

The Perfect Place Florist Wedding Bouquet

Perfect Place Florist, Winnipeg

Summer Wedding Flowers

In the summertime, brides have a choice of so many different types of wedding flowers that they usually choose a mixed bouquet. Like spring, the color choices are simply gorgeous.

Bells of Ireland
Calla lily
Gerber Daisy

Wedding Bouquet by Celsia

Wedding Flowers by Celsia, Vancouver

Ah Perfect Petals Wedding Flowers

Ah Perfect Petals, Vancouver

Fall Wedding Flowers

If your wedding falls in fall, pick wedding flowers in red, orange and yellow. A mix of red roses and marigolds is a vibrant choice for a fall wedding.

Hydrangea (early fall)

Lotus Wedding Flowers

Lotus, Quebec

Wedding Season flowers by The Perfect Place

Perfect Place Florist, Winnipeg

Winter Wedding Flowers

If you are getting married in the wintertime, don't think you can't have beautiful flowers. There are many wonderful choices available in winter in bold, vibrant colors. Consider adding berries and pinecones to your centerpieces and other floral arrangements for a nice winter touch.

Bells of Ireland
Star Gazer Lily
Star of Bethlehem

Wedding Season Flowers by Celsia, Vancouver

Wedding Flowers by Celsia, Vancouver

Of course, there are thousands of varieties of flowers to choose from, these are just some of the most popular and readily available for weddings. Some flowers that are available pretty much year round include Baby's Breath, Calla Lily, Carnations, Freesia, Gardenia and Orchid. You can make the most of your bouquets and decorations by infusing some of these year round flowers with seasonal varieties.

If you have your heart set on a certain flower for your bouquet, don't worry if it's not in season. You might have to pay more and import them, but almost every flower is grown somewhere at any given time of year. Just keep in mind that exotic, imported flowers will generally cost at least three times as much as locally grown, seasonal blooms.

Foxglove Wedding Flowers in Victoria

Foxgloves Flowers, Victoria

Need More Ideas?

Still not sure about which flowers to have at your wedding? There are lots of related articles, listed below. Or surf the websites of hundreds of wedding florists, organised by region, in our directory.

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