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Wedding Hair 101: Hair Extensions for your Bridal Hairstyle

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Even if they're not a part of your normal hair routine, hair extensions can enhance your bridal hairstyle beautifully on your big day. Whether you want added volume, highlights, or a longer length, new processes in applying hair extensions can give your bridal locks a luscious and natural look, without compromising the health of your hair.

Hair Extensions: Before and After

Bridal Hairstyle | Hair Extensions, before & after

If this doesn't convince you, nothing will! Here is just a sample of the before and after effect of hair extensions (featuring Hair Extensions by Trina, in Kelowna BC. Nice!)

Hair Extensions' impact on your Bridal Hairstyles

The following photos give an idea of how the extra "oomph" of hair extensions can have a huge impact on bridal hair.

Classic Bridal Updo 5

Hairstyle by Beauty-A-Go-Go, Vancouver
Unless hair is super long to begin with, achieving a piece-y, woven look like the one shown in this up-do is almost impossible without extensions.

Bun-and-a-half by Janine Child Make-up Art

Hairstyle by Michelle Makeup, Vancouver
Extra volume at the crown of the head adds a whole other dimension to cascading curls, like the ones shown in this half-up hairstyle.

Classic Bridal Bun 1

Hairstyle by Simply Irresistible Makeovers, Montreal
The braid crowning the bun in this beautiful bridal hairstyle is most likely created with a little extra help from hair extensions.

Classic Bridal Beehive Updo

Hairstyle by Simply Irresistible Makeovers, Montreal
To achieve the extra volume at the crown in a beehive hairstyle, natural hair can be teased and combed back over the hair piece.

Bun-and-a-half by Janine Child Make-up Art

Hairstyle by Janine Child Make-up Art, Vineland, ON
An extra-big bun can be created by cleverly concealed hair pieces and extensions, adding the stunning look of super-long, upswept hair.

Bridal Hairstyle | Hair Extensions, adding color

© Dollface Makeup Artistry, Calgary
Bold bursts of colour can be achieved with a little help from hair extensions, for the bride who likes to look on the bright side!

Long and curly bridal hair style by Beauty-A-Go-Go, in Vancouver

Hairstyle by Beauty-A-Go-Go, Vancouver
When hair is worn down on the big day, extended volume brings a whole new element to romantic curls.

How are Hair Extensions Applied?

There are several different techniques that hairstylists use to apply hair extensions; the following four being some of the main methods.

1. Fusion

Stylists use a special thermal clamping device to fuse individual strands of the extensions close to the root of your own hair. A special adhesive containing keratin helps protect the hair during this process. Fusing begins at the nape of the neck and is separated into sections, slowly working up to the sides and crown of the hair. This method lasts the longest; typically up to 5 months depending on the health of the hair.

Bridal Hairstyle | Hair Extensions, fusion application

© I Do Hair Extensions, Scarborough

2. Wefts

This process is achieved by working a small braid into the hair from the nape of the neck up to the lower crown of the hair. Hair wefts are then sewn directly into the braid, and typically last up to 8 weeks.

Bridal Hairstyle | Hair Extensions, wefts application

© I Do Hair Extensions, Scarborough

3. Ring

The stylist will insert a small section of your hair into a ring hair extension, which is secured using a special tool at about 1/4 inch from the root of the hair. This method is recommended for adding highlights.

4. Laser Weave

A hair weft is applied horizontally to configure the shape of your head, and secured with a keratin additive or plastic ring. This method is generally more comfortable than those requiring a braid, and usually lasts 5-8 weeks.

Hair Care for Hair Extensions

After you've had extensions put in,

  • Use a use a shampoo for colour-treated hair or one that is low in Ph and has good conditioning properties.
  • Be sure to brush more gently than you normally would, from the bottom to the top of the hair using a hairbrush with soft, natural bristles.
  • Towel dry your hair gently before using the hair dryer at a medium heat.

Hair extensions will not damage your hair or scalp if they are applied properly, and the above care is maintained. With the help of a good hairstylist that specializes in hair extensions, they will blend in naturally with your hair, creating locks with added allure for your wedding day!

Story by G. Melanson

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