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Wedding 101: Top-10 Wedding Planning Mistakes

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Bobbi Wilkins, from Kiss the Bride Wedding Designs sent us this great list.
Read it twice!

  • Inviting too many guests for the budget: When you set your budget, make sure that it will be enough to cover what you are planning. You do not want to have to extend your budget later because you have invited too many people.
  • Having too large of a Wedding Party: Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, MC's... and the list goes on. Couples have a tendency to try and include everyone, but it is not cost effective and it becomes a job to have to manage all the people involved. It is best to keep the wedding party to a size that is manageable.
  • Nonstop wedding talk! This will eventually drive everyone around you insane. It is ok to be absorbed with your wedding, but the colour of the napkins probably only really matters to YOU, so it's best to take a break from the wedding talk once in a while. A good idea to get your mind off of the wedding is to go out to a movie, or have a night out with your fiancé.
  • Random Invites: So your Grandma has a friend she hasn't spoken to in 25 years, but she is insistent on having this person's whole family attend the wedding. There is a line that has to be drawn on the guest list. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven't seen or spoken to the person in a year, they probably don't need to attend. If you feel that people are pressuring you, explain to them that it is not in the budget to have all the extra guests. If they are footing the bill, you can always let a few slide, but remember that it is YOUR wedding, and you have the final say. Sorry Grandma :-(
  • The "I'll do it all" syndrome: Almost every bride gets like this. The truth is, you probably could do it all, but you shouldn't have to. A wedding is probably the biggest event you will ever have to plan, and it takes a lot of patience, attention to detail, and organization. The best option is to hire a wedding coordinator, because they are trained in planning, and they will be able to keep you on track and keep you sane during this crazy time. If you don't want to take the planner route, then make sure to enlist some friends or family to help you.
  • Not sticking to the budget: This is a time when there is a large amount of spending going on, but it is really important not to impulsively buy things you don't need. If you really need those $300 wedding shoes, then maybe you can cut the spending somewhere else?
  • Asking unreliable people to be part of the wedding party: One of the biggest mistakes I have seen is when couples get engaged, and then right away, pick their wedding party. This is not a decision to be made lightly. Chances are, these people will have to fork out between $200-$1000, as well as donating their time. It is important to pick people that are going to stick with you during the entire wedding and wedding planning process, and not just stress you out more. While you are picking your date, budget, and venue, think about the people you are considering. That way when you are ready to pick, you can make a more informed decision.
  • Not getting Vendors to make up contracts: This one seemingly small issue can make or break a wedding. For example, if you only have a verbal contract with a venue, and then they call you a week before the wedding to tell you that your wedding has been double booked, that could ruin your entire day. I cannot stress enough to get contracts. These papers will have useful information such as what time vendors will be setting up and leaving, what they will be serving, and what kind of extra fees they charge etc.
  • Not letting the Groom have a say! Ladies, this may be the most important day of your life, but you need to remember that it is his wedding too. If he wants to enter the reception to the song "Rock you like a hurricane", let him have it. It makes him feel better when you make a small effort to get him involved. The more you let him help, the more he will pretend to care about other things!
  • ..and the #1 mistake that Brides make when planning their wedding is...

  • Not taking time to enjoy the day!
    This is YOUR day! It is going to be here and gone, and if you don't take a step back and look and that magical moment, you will miss it.

By Bobbi Wilkins,
Certified Wedding Coordinator,
Kiss the Bride Wedding Designs, Mission

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