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Wedding Reception 101: Guests with Children vs Adults-Only Event

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Be forewarned, some parents will think you are extremely rude and inconsiderate for not allowing children at your wedding reception. But the bottomline is that it's your wedding day and you can choose to not have kids involved, if you prefer.

Toddler at a Wedding Reception

Many couples don't want children to attend their wedding reception. Sometimes it's for monetary reasons, while other times they don't want to deal with the possible crying and mischief of small children. If you want to exclude children from your wedding day, you need to handle it very tactfully.

Etiquette for Announcing an Adult-only Wedding Reception

  • Your printer should print "Adult Reception" on your reception card or on the response card. It should not be placed directly on the wedding invitation.
  • Do not use phrases such as "No Children Allowed", "No Kids" or the such.
  • Do not handwrite it in yourself. It's ultimately tacky to write anything on a wedding invitation. If there are errors on your invitation and enclosures, or you have left something out, then have them re-printed.
  • Do not make exceptions. If you decide to have no children in attendance on your wedding day, then that should mean absolutely no children. There should be no kids in your wedding party either.
  • Though you might envision children screaming, tearing down decorations and throwing cake, it doesn't have to be that bad. In fact, you can take steps to have children at your reception and keep the peace.

little girl at wedding reception

Designate a Separate Play Area

At most reception sites, you can section off a play area where children can play games or read. This can be off of the main reception area and you can hire a sitter to oversee the kids and keep them busy.

Involve the Kids in Your Reception

Normally when children act out at a wedding reception, it's because they are bored. Offer kid-friendly foods, have a children-only dance and take other steps to keep the youngsters involved.

Whatever you decide, don't feel bad about it. You only get married once (in theory). If you don't want to run the risk of children ruining your reception, it's perfectly acceptable to notify your guests that you are hosting an adult only event. Some may choose not to attend because they can't bring their kids, but that number will be very few.

Story by Kori Ellis

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