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Wedding Invitations 101 | Styles, Part 1: The Traditionalist

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If your idea of the perfect wedding includes "the dress, the guests, the cake, the car, the whole darn thing" as Canadian songstress Shania Twain once sang, then you're probably a wedding traditionalist. Luckily for you, traditional wedding invitations are probably the most plentiful of all styles, so you'll have lots of different types to choose from.

One common misconception when it comes to the traditional style is that it's "boring." In fact, many wedding invitations and favours today combine the aesthetics of traditionalism: calligraphy fonts, clean lines, quality paper; with personal touches: photos of the couple, pockets and folders, personalized seals, etc.

The following four examples will demonstrate..

This engraved invitation is luxurious and posh, but not overly ornate. When your guests receive it, they'll feel like they've been invited to a very special occasion by very important people. (Photo courtesy of Windsor Ontario wedding and event designers, Elegance by Design.

This invitation combines traditional lettering and layout with the added personal touch of a photo of the couple. (We found it at Milestone Moments, which specializes in photo wedding invitations.)

The rich red and gold print on this invitation evokes a traditional Chinese design, and printing is also available in foreign languages. It is part of the "Harmony" collection of invitations from Fancy That wedding favour website.

This fresh, stylish invitation is part of a seven-piece package, with pricing starting at $220. It's an option that's basic but not boring, courtesy of Bolton, Ontario's Sweet and Simple.

Story by Giselle Melanson

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