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Wedding Invitations 101 | Styles, Part 2: The Modernist

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If you like to think of yourself as a modern bride, then you might gravitate towards some of the characteristics of the modern style when choosing your wedding invitations: bold graphics, artistic angles, and rich colours.

In the first of our five-part series on wedding invitations, we took a look at some traditional designs. As with the traditional style, the modern style can also get a lot of flack for being "boring" when minimalism is taken too far - i.e. if "clean, simple lines" turn into "lots of empty space with not a whole lot going on." So be careful.

The following sample selection of modern style wedding invitations is anything but boring - they're unique, fun, and simply sophisticated. They should give you enough ideas to get you started..

ultra-modern wedding invitation

This bold floral print combines a little bit of 60s psychedelic with a clean border and slick, simple font. We found it amongst a collection of ultra-modern wedding invitations at boutique custom invitation studio Par Avion Design, in Vancouver.

tropical destination wedding invitation

With its aquatic colours and simple starfish, "The Ariel" invitation is perfect for a tropical destination wedding. The Ariel is courtesy of Calgary, Alberta's Powder Room Cards.

gold leaf wedding invitation

With its gold leaf design and simple black border, this stunning invitation is ultra-modern yet elegant. We found it at Unity Weddings, amongst a slew of other themed invitations, including "winter wedding" "east meets west" and "my big fat Greek-Chinese-Egyptian wedding."

Vignette wedding invitation

The "Vignette" design is perfect for the modern romantic, not to mention those with an appreciation for artistic photography. Photo courtesy of Hornby, Ontario's Distinctively Yours

Story by Giselle Melanson.

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