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Food Stations: Simplify your Catering, Treat your Wedding Guests

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Catering is one of the cornerstone of any great wedding. Hungry friends make for grumpy wedding guests!

Any stress-reducing catering option will contribute the an unforgettable wedding reception. Have you considered food stations?

(every delicious dish in this story is a creation of Toronto catering company Encore - Food With Elegance)

Food stations are basically a "distributed" buffet. Instead of a long table that leads the wedding guests through a progressions of courses, you place tables featuring different dishes throughout the room.

(photo: Encore - Food With Elegance)

Here are five reasons why such food stations are a great idea:

1) Variety. Why force one particular food on everyone? We are in Canada! We have no national cuisine and chances are your various guests will have equally varying tastes.

2) Flexibility in the order that various dishes are served. Some people like salad first, some soup, some dive right in! Too, why have everyone lineup at the same table, togeher. You can help the room relax more, letting your guests wander and pick what they wish.

3) Timing. Another line-up reducing benefit. Some wedding guests will arrive at the reception famished and wish to eat something right away. Others will have a drink first, then start nibbling.

4) Your caterer will like you better :-) Stations allow them to set up earlier, and manage the tables as they are being emptied, rather than one big rush which creates stress and required a lot of staff for only a short time.

5) Cost! Your wedding budget will also thank you! Less catering staff = more money left for your honeymoon!

(photo: Encore - Food With Elegance)

(photo: Encore - Food With Elegance)

This can work for the appetizer portion of a wedding reception, while guests are still mingling or if you are not planning a formal event, you can incorporate this theme throughout a cocktail reception.

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