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Wedding Hair Tips: Planning for your Big Day

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So you've got the dress: now you need to book an appointment to get your hair looking as gorgeous as the gown. We talked to professional hair stylist Lana Lamoureux about how to ensure the process of getting the hair of your dreams remains stress-free.

Booking your Bridal Hair appointment

book months in advance

I find a lot of brides seem to think they can call two weeks before their wedding to book their appointments. Just like the venue, churchand photographer you are using, we too book up. I like to book about 4 month in advance. Some hairstylists book as far as a year in advance. Most reputable salons pre-book their regular client in every 4 to 6 weeks, so if you want to bump Mrs. Smith from her regular time to fit in your bridal party you better be booking 3 months (or more) ahead.

make sure you try it before the big day

I suggest brides book a trial run. I always tell them to book it when they are going to a special occasion so they can "wear" the hairstyle all evening and see if it is comfortable for them. Some brides also go for a fitting once their hair trial is over so they can get the whole look. It is not uncommon for brides to have more than one trial run. I take pictures of the brides and email them to the brides (or bring your own camera..don't expect your hairdresser to have one) I take from the back, both sides and front so you can view them from all angles.

expect to pay

Remember each trial run is going to cost you. Expect to pay between $80 to $130 in the salon and more if you are having the hairdresser come to your place. Bridesmaids should expect to pay between $50 and $90 in the salon (could be more if you are having the stylist come to you). If you are getting married somewhere remote don't expect the hairdresser in town to be able to fit everyone in. If you must bring in a stylist you will need to be prepared to pay their transportation as well as lodging. I personally take a non-refundable deposit to hold the booking and have a minimum that I charge.

make sure the stylist can do your "do"

Before you assume your stylist will do your wedding hair make sure you discuss with them if they are even comfortable with doing it. The person who has done your hair all your life might not touch updo's with a 10 foot pole. As for time, plan on it taking 30 to 60 minutes per person getting their hair done. I personally "set" each girl then go back and start the updo so that I am always working on someone's hair at all times. Each stylist has their own method.

Bonus Tip! All hair stylists get a crash course in make-up, just like all make-up artists get a crash course in putting up hair. This does not mean we are "really" good at doing each others job, but in a pinch we "could" do something.

With over 2 decades of experience as a hairstylist, Vancouver-based stylist Lana Lamoureux is a master level educator for Farouk Systems. She loves working with brides and their parties, and offers mobile services, making it much less stressful for the bride on her big day. Call her at 604-671-1240 or email bananalana [at]!

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